all info about the wraps:

All wraps are handwoven on a wooden loom at Helena Loermans ( Handwoven Textiles) in Odemira Portugal

We use a functional yarn that transfers moisture, warms at cold temperature, avoids extra heat accumulation and is machine washable. 

Climayarn (Schoeller) 
The yarn is light and strong and has a very comfortable touch.
In combination with bright coloured fine linen it makes the perfect piece to wrap your baby this summer....

The wraps have been tested by Wrapyouinlove ( you can find the review on

A personalised label comes with the wrap and the total weight of a size 6, 4,70 m 70 cm width, is about 550 gr....

The prize of a size 6 ,wrap is 395 € + shipping (Climayarn and linen)
Wraps are send to you after payment through a Paypal invoice, by registered mail with a track and trace number

Each wrap has been washed before leaving Wrap Weavers 's place, so you cam immediately start to wrap.

Handwoven with love.....

Climayarn (Schoeller) ( source: Schoeller )with Bluesign label 60 % extra fine merino wool 40 % polycolon
transfers moisture
warms at cold temperatures
avoids extra heat-accumulation
machine washable
Climayarn (R) optimally combines the advantages of wool's natural finer with the strength of Polycolon's high-performance finer
Climayarn dries considerably faster than comparable cotton materials
No dry cleaning

its dry when its wet
its warm when its cold
no dry cleaning
does not absorb any moisture
machine washable

The bluesign® system is the solution for a sustainable textile production. It eliminates harmful substances right from the beginning of the manufacturing process and sets and controls standards for an environmentally friendly and safe production. This not only ensures that the final textile product meets very stringent consumer safety requirements worldwide but also provides confidence to the consumer to acquire a sustainable product.

Climayarn, info about Merino wool ( source: Schoeller website)

Cape Line: Finest South African Merino wool

The yarns of the Cape Line from Schoeller make a new marketing approach possible for your own knitwear collection. 

Only high quality, pure merino wool from particularly suitable South African regions and from selected farms is used where Mulesing is not known.

Arguments that can be strongly communicated to an increasingly growing target group.

The new chlorine-free EXP finish guarantees that the yarn can be machine washed and, at the same time, improves the pilling behaviour.
All yarns from the Cape Line are Bluesign certified. As a sales support at POS Schoeller supplies high-quality tags free of charge.

baby wrap in Climayarn and linen...

...the wrap has been washed before leaving Wrapweavers 's place, so immediately ready for use !!!
470 x 70 cm ,  size 6 ; 

The wrap is handwoven in dark grey and white Climayarn and at each end 45 cm in fine coloured linen. In the middle is a little square woven in white. Where a colour changed I used a weavers knot...

middle marker

a picture from Lapland.....

Wrapweavers neck wrap and men scarf in Climayarn and cashmere.....